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5 Reasons To Use Polymer

For the last two weeks or so I’ve been using Polymer for a new promotional website for my company. I’m going to elaborate on the creation of the website in my next post but till then I want to share my top 5 reasons to use polymer for my next project.

  • Short learning curve — Polymer is simply a wrapper to web components and not a framework which makes it very easy to learn and get started with.
  • Less code, more binding — Using web components, one can create data binding for almost anything (for example iron-ajax is a component for ajax requests), which lowers drastically the amount of code.
  • Community — Google puts a lot of effort in documenting polymer and share its best practices. Youtube series like Polycasts and AskPolymer can help you get started. In addition, the polymer team is highly available in every social network.
  • Easy to test — The web component tester along with the web components concept turns testing into a piece of cake.
  • Latest browser API — Polymer is utilizing the web components api for the elements, animations api for the neon animations, service workers and web applications manifest. Of course, it also provides polyfills for full browsers compatibility.

I truly believe that polymer brings the simplicity back to the frontend development, give it a try!

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