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The Never Ending Journey Of Learning

Probably most of you are so focused on your daily routine and getting your job done that you forget to learn every now and then. Learning can improve your productivity, creativity, expand your horizons and essentially make you better. This is why I want to share with you a few tips that will help you learn on a daily basis.

  • Use your spare time— we all have spare time during the day (riding the metro, waiting in line, in between meetings, etc), just use it to read a blog post, watch a video or listen to a podcast.
  • Know what you want to learn next— list the topics that interest you and always know what’s next on your list, it will keep you focused.
  • Learn in context whenever it’s possible— No matter what you learn, try to set up a goal for it (doing a side project, nailing a task at work, etc).
  • Create a reading list— while browsing the internet you are exposed to a lot of posts, just bookmark the ones you like so you can read them later. You can use Pocket to manage your reading list or email yourself the links and label them as “Reading”.
  • Create a RSS feed — RSS is the best way to keep yourself updated with the latest posts. Just grab a rss reader (I use Slack as a reader) and look for sources to your feed. Keep your feed clean and focused.

Following even one of the tips will help you get on track and stimulate your curiosity. Enjoy becoming a better you!

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